The Grotto of
our Lady of
Near Wideawake Airfield
Ascension Island
South Atlantic
c/o Ms. Shari Parkhill

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Our Lady and Heritage Day

- The Grotto of Our Lady of Ascension was filled with Island folks who wanted to be a part of remembering the Americans who have contributed so much to the history of Ascension Island, especially those who lost their lives here during World War II.
Heritage Day Report

- On the 30th of March 2008, the Ascension Island Heritage Society held a Day of Remembrance to commemorate the contribution of Americans to the history of Ascension.
From the Grotto Thought for the Week (07/09/08)

- As usual, this past week I’ve been doing a lot of hiking. Wandering around the heritage sites of this island is fascinating.
Battle of Britain Sunday

- Again, on this island with a British military base, Battle of Britain Sunday has come around. It is a day of remembrance and of giving thanks, no matter how much time has gone by since the actual event.
News from the Grotto - Thought for the Week

- Once again, it is time to say good-bye to a couple of good friends.

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